A Teacher’s Plan Book

I have so many summer projects going on, and I am excited to show you my first finished product! This Teacher Plan Book will help you get organized for the upcoming school year and can easily used from year-to-year! It is also affordable, practical, and ink friendly. All the planner pages come in B&W and the cover pages come in color and B&W. This Teacher Planner comes in two forms: Editable and Non-Editable. 


Planner Pages Included: Personal Information, Student Birthdays, Student Information, Student Behavior Log, Student Transportation, Student Passwords, Student Whereabouts (for student who are pulled out of class), Volunteer Information/Calendar, Parent Contact Forms, Emergency Substitute Information, Substitute Forms, Daily Schedule, Notes (for meetings, ideas, etc.), For Next Year (idea page), Year At-a-Glance, Weekly Planning (available in PDF and PowerPoint), Monthly Calendars, Student Scores (by subject)  

*If you don’t use a Plan Book, these planner pages will work great on a clipboard!*

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