Are you sick with LOVE POX?

On Valentine’s Day I am sending my students home with a note that says:
I wish I knew who wrote this poem… it has been floating around my school in different variations!

Cute huh? And just in case you want to know what Love Pox looks like,
my niece (who was also one of my first graders) is modeling it for you:
I am going to give my student’s Love Pox at the end of the day. I will give them a high five, and then I’ll put a sticker on their face.  {For some reason, they all think this part is hilarious.}  When all my students have one sticker, I’ll tell them they have Love Pox and what Love Pox is. Then I’ll give them the note and 10 more heart-shaped stickers.  Before I send them home, they will put the 10 sticker on their faces. When they get home {I tell them to wait until they get home before they start spreading the love}, they have to spread the disease by giving a hug. When they give a hug or a high-five to someone, they have to give one of their stickers away to that person.
Click {here} to get the Love Pox note!
Need some V-Day activities? Check out my February packet! 
My students are going to start making their Love Monster Sacks tomorrow!
I always love how different they all turn out, so I’ll be sure to post pictures.
What fun things do you do for Valentine’s Day in your classroom?

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