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book boxes

Today I am loving my book boxes.  I love how my students can keep track of the books they are reading,  while taking good care of my classroom library at the same time.  It also allows my students to bring books from home and they don’t get lost anymore!  Some

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Home Reading Tracker (Reading Beads)

Since I have a carnival/circus theme in my classroom, I made a “Reading is Sweet” bulletin board with some cute lollipops I found in the Target Dollar Spot. This board is used to track home reading minutes. For every 100 minutes read at home, my students earn a pony bead

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Plural Words That End with “Y”

I am excited to share with you a packet I’ve just finished: “Y” Ending Replaced with “IES”. I made these activities to teach my students about plural words that end with “y” (for example: baby –> babies). I had a lot of fun creating these letter characters! Poor old “Y” is

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sup-ER-hero unit is posted!

This unit might just be my favorite one so far… Clipart By: JW Illustrations This unit is designed to teach students about “-er” and “-est” word endings. You can get 10% OFF all items from TpT through this Saturday, April 9th!  Use Promo Code: A3F9D

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Inflectional Word Endings (-ed, -ing)

Last week we learned about word endings (-s, -ed, -ing). My students had a lot of fun with these activities and they loved the “ed” and “ing” posters I made for them. The “-ing” poster has young kids on it, because when words end with “-ing” it means it is

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Phonics: Double OO

Last week we learned about the double /oo/ sound… (example: good, book, cook). This is such a hard one to remember, because it isn’t an actual vowel sound. Instead, it sounds like a muscle man flexing his huge muscles. That’s why I called in the big guns. My big/younger brother, Mr. Cody,

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Compound Words

You know you’re a nerd when you get excited about words.   I am a nerd.   I was excited to teach compound words. Rain/bow. Cup/cake. Butter/fly. What isn’t to love? To teach my students about these lovely word pairs, we made a HUGE list of all the compound words

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POW! A Zeno Sight Word Game

This FREE activity takes regular, boring flashcards and turns them into a fun, competitive game. Your students won’t even realize they are learning!