Clowning Around {Vowel Pairs “OU” and “OW”} Update!

Last week we learned about the vowel pairs “ow” and “ou”. I used all the activities from my Clowning Around unit on TpT. I also added a lot of new activities to this packet and I’ve spruced up some old ones! If you already own this packet, then be sure to re-download it from your TpT dashboard. 
See this adorable clown?? Well that’s my mom!!! She is the best! She came to school and introduced the “OW” and “OU” posters for me. She told my students a little story about how clowns are always getting hurt while doing silly tricks. She definitely had my students’ undivided attention and they were all giggles the whole time she was there! 
My sweet clown/mom also brought my students some brOWnies! 
{By the time she left, I think they were wishing that she was their teacher!}
My students loved playing the Clown Race game and it help reinforce the “ow” and “ou” sounds.
And who doesn’t love a little girl {my niece} in a gOWn, wearing a crOWn, renamed Miss BrOWn, holding a flOWer? {I love first grade, because they still let me dress them up!}
To top off this fun week, I sent all my students home on Friday wearing their “OW” crowns! 
All of these fun activities are included in my newly updated, Clowning Around packet on TpT.
{Clown NOT included… sorry! ;)}

This Unit Includes: “ow” Character Poster, “ou” Character Poster, Word Sort w/ Accompanying Worksheet, Clown Race Game w/ Data Worksheet, POW Game, Spinner Game, Pin the Owie on the Clown Game, Clown Writing Activity, Mini Book Writing Activity, Crown Craftivity, and Word Hunt Activity.

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