DIY magnetic art wall

Last year I had a “cursed” wall. I wish I took a picture of it for you, because it really was cursed.
It was ugly, damaged, and I couldn’t staple a thing into it. I covered it with butcher paper (by taping and gluing it down) and used it as my art wall anyways. I struggled all year long to get artwork to stay up… because, sometimes you just gotta work with what you have.
This year I wasn’t willing to deal with that wall. No way. Instead, I covered it up with sheet metal.
It was my sister’s idea. She is a genius!!!
I got the sheet metal from a local heating and air conditioning company.
They were so nice and they cut it so it would fit my wall perfectly.
The best part: It only cost me $35.00.

It was wayyyy cheaper than a home improvement store… 
Don’t you wish those places offered teacher discounts?
I didn’t have to use a drill to get the sheet metal to stay up, instead I used double sided Duck Tape
By the way, that stuff is pretty much amazing and knocks the socks off of Teacher Tape.
And to keep the black polka-dotted boarder up, I used glue dots and so far it has worked like a charm!

Don’t you love that adorable banner? My sweet mom helped me cut out all that felt and then she sewed it together for me. I’m lucky to have such a talented mama (and sisters).
I love my new wall! Now I use magnets with my students’ names on them to hold their artwork.
My students think that magnets are pretty cool, too. They love putting up their own art.
For my magnets, I used a similiar idea to Mrs. Rojas over at Create, Teach, Inspire
and they turned out darling!

How do you display your students’ artwork?

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