Emoji Valentine Sack Template

Do you make valentine sacks with your students? Your students will adore these “Emoji Valentine Sacks” and they are perfect for holding valentines on Valentine’s Day. Your students can create their own emoji character by choosing which eyes, mouth, and accessory to add, or they can create one of the emoji characters shown on the example page. There is also a “print & go” option available where you can print off the emoji characters (already assembled) and glue them to a white gift sack. Either option will turn out great!
This craft also comes with a small writing activity for the back of the valentine sack.
There are 6 different emoji templates included in this download:
   – Heart Eyes Emoji 
   – Pirate Emoji
   – Sunglasses Emoji 
   – Blowing a Kiss Emoji
   – Awkward Emoji 
   – Feeling Loved Emoji

These white gift sacks will work great with this craft! You can also get the bags at the dollar store, but they are a little more expensive per bag. Click the images below to check out the less expensive options! You can buy 25, 50 or 100 at a time. If you buy 100, then that is going to be the cheapest option per bag, and you will have them for the next few years! 🙂


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