everyday learning

I have been crazy busy getting my classroom ready for Monday.
I don’t know how you teachers with kids do it! 
If I had kids, they would be seriously neglected right now…
My poor husband.

Anyways… while getting my classroom ready, I created an Everyday Learning workbook.
This book will be used everyday (duh!) to teach graphing, number sense and sentence structure. 
Since my students will be practicing these important concepts everyday, they will definitely have them down by the end of the school year. Thus, the importance of “Everyday Learning”.
This whole book was inspired by the wonderful Lory Evans!
Check out her version of this page here.
I bound the books together and my students are going to keep them in their desks all year.
This is the cover I used:

The first page is a graphing page so my students can graph the weather all year long. This gives them graphing practice everyday and it will teach them weather patterns as the year goes on. We will do this page after calendar time, so everyone will graph the same weather for the day. The next page (as well as the next 70 pages… double sided) includes a Language Practice and a Math Practice. For the Language Practice, I will have a sentence written incorrectly on the board. My students will have to write it correctly, and in their BEST handwriting, on their worksheet. Then, for the Math Practice, they will “dissect” the number of the day. The number of the day will be the number of days we have been in school. After we reach the 100th day of school,  I will pick a number randomly. 
Oh and I forgot to mention that I make my students write out the date (at the top of the page). It is good practice and they get really good at it by the end of the year! Then I have them write the digital date on all their other worksheets (throughout the day) so they get practice with that, too.

The last page in the book is a handwriting assessment. I learned about this from my cooperating teacher when I did my student teaching and I love it! (Thank you Lynda!) I have the students write their name (first and last) once a month, all year long. It is always fun to see how much better they get at writing their names. It is also quite impressive to see how much their handwriting has improved!
Click here to download the pages in this book.

Click here to download a cheat sheet for number words 0-100. I am going to put this in my students’ personal dictionaries. You could also put this page on the back cover of the Everyday Learning workbook.
This page will help your students do this worksheet independently and it will save you time (because you won’t have to tell them how to spell it)!

I hope you can use this book in your classroom.
Or maybe it will inspire you to create something similar… either way… ENjOY!

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