Finally February!

I am really excited for this month of LOVE! My Valentine packet: February Activities (Writing, Math and More) BUNDLE (updated in January 2021 and formally called All You Need is LOVE) has so many math and writing activities and I know my students will enjoy all of them.  

I am probably most excited for the Valentine Monster Sacks we will be making to hold their Valentines. Since Valentine’s Day is so girly, I know my boys will appreciate this little monster activity.

This bundle also includes a precious coupon book. Your students will feel so proud when they give this heart-felt valentine to their parents.

Last year I did this fun note writing activity with my students and they are still talking about it this year! During the month of February, they get to write nice notes to each other {when they finish their work}. At the end of the day, when we pass the notes out, they are so touched at the nice things their classmates say about them. This activity will definitely build classroom unity among your students.

Check out the following images to learn more about this Best-Selling Valentine Bundle!

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