Gold for Good Behavior

Do you need something to encourage your students to have good behavior? Gold for Good Behavior is perfect for the month of March (& St. Patrick’s Day) and your students will have so much fun earning gold for good behavior!

In my classroom, I have my students divided into three teams: Team Shamrock, Team Leprechaun, and Team Ireland (these teams, and lots more, are available in the packet). Whenever I see a student with exceptional behavior, then they get to add a gold coin to their team’s pot-of-gold. When a team fills up their pot-of-gold, then they get to have lunch in the classroom with me (lots of other reward suggestions are available in this packet, too)! 

I put everything on a black poster board and then laminated it. I put the gold coins on with sticky tack (I put it on each coin ahead of time). The poster is in a place where everyone can see it and keep track.

Looking for more? This March Learning Activities BUNDLE has everything you will need to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your students. Click HERE to visit my TpT Shop to learn more.

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