How Do Snowmen Solve Story Problems?

If you follow me on Facebook or on TpT, then you already know that I have finally finished my newest unit: How Do Snowmen Solve Story Problems?! I go back to school on the 2nd, so I am already starting to prepare some of my lessons for January and February. 
This packet includes a snowman anchor chart with the steps needed to solve a story problem (Read, Show, Solve, & Check). How cute is this little snowman? (Although he’s really not so little! When put together, he is about 22 inches tall – perfect for your math wall!)
My students will have fun playing different roles while solving story problems together!
I really love the snowman anchor chart, but I am even more excited to play this snowball game with my kiddos! Each snowball will have a story problem inside it. To start the game, each student will start with a snowball and they will get to throw it ONE time. Then they will grab a new snowball that is close to them and solve that story problem on their worksheet. After a few minutes, we will repeat and play again! (My students aren’t allowed to throw snowballs at recess, so they will love this game!)
I am excited to teach my students more about story problems this January!

This packet includes:

– 22 inch Snowman Anchor Chart w/ Worksheet
– 16 Practice Pages (addition with 2 and 3 numbers, subtraction, and mixed addition/subtraction)
– Password Activity (to help them remember the steps to solve a story problem)
– Group Activity (students solve story problems together by each having a job)
– Snowball Fight Activity (students throw paper snowballs that have story problems in them – then students solve the story problems)

This unit is aligned to the Common Core (first grade math standards)!

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