My First Grade Classroom

Hello, Friends! I have been so busy in first grade, that I nearly forgot about this little ol’ blog! I have so many fun things to share with you.  Here I am on the first day of school. I always have the first day butterflies!

Here is my classroom, I haven’t changed much since last year…  It’s still a carnival/circus theme, which I love, because of the bright colors. P.S. My cute mom and mother-in-law made those adorable chair covers – I love them!

Here is my desk… nothing fancy, but completely functional. I love the sign above that says, “Whatever you are, be a good one.” It makes for a great writing activity later in the year.

I love my newly organized library!  Thanks to my sweet friend, Erica Bohrer, and her awesome labels.  Click HERE to check them out!

My rug area just might be my FAVORITE part of my classroom.  It might be my new rug and awesome easel, but I think my bulletin board has a lot to do with it!  You can read more about my calendar wall HERE. You can also read more about my popcorn wall, that you can see a little sliver of, HERE.

I am so thankful that sweet Cara created her awesome number posters this summer!!  They are perfect for my Math Wall and way cute, too. Click HERE to check them out.  I also threw in some of my graphing posters, which you can also check out HERE.  You can read more about my math wall HERE.

I haven’t changed much about my magnetic art wall, except for the magnets. Instead of writing all my student’s names with a paint marker, I used my awesome Cameo (Affiliate Link) and cut out vinyl to fit each one. Before applying the vinyl, I painted them all black and glued a strong magnet to the back. They turned out so cute!!

Until I get some student artwork up, I am using Hope’s adorable subway art pack! Everyone who comes in my room compliments how cute her signs are! My favorite one is the one that says, “I am in the business of being awesome.” LOVE! Click HERE to check them out for yourself. You can also read more about my magnetic wall HERE.

I got these buckets from the dollar section at Target and the labels from Peace, Love, and Learning. Click HERE to download them for yourself — they are free! This will help me keep pencil sharpening organized. I will sharpen all pencils at recess (at least I’ll try).

At my back-to-school parent meeting, I handed out these bookmarks to each parent (thanks again to my awesome Cameo). I like to remind my parents that their involvement is vital to reading success. “Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”

At the parent meeting, I also put these hearts on my classroom door. Each heart had something we needed for our classroom on it (pencils, paper towels, glue sticks, etc.).  I have awesome parents this year and every heart was taken and many donations were given!

These are the poster cards I sent to my new students before school started. I love sending them mail to let them know I am excited to be their teacher. You can download them for free from my TpT store HERE.

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