Plural “Y” Endings

I am excited to share with you a packet I’ve just finished: “Y” Ending Replaced with “IES”. I made these activities to teach my students about plural words that end with “y” (for example: baby –> babies). I had a lot of fun creating these letter characters!

Poor old “Y” is allergic to “S” because of her perfume and flowers. “Y” is sad he is allergic to her, because he thinks she is so nice and pretty. Nevertheless, whenever “S” comes around, “Y” has to get lost because of his allergies. Thank goodness “I” and “E” are willing to take his place… In fact, they are more than happy to! They sure love letter “S” and they always get dressed up for her and bring her flowers!

However, there is an exeception to this rule… The rule about “-ies” only applies when it is a consonant before the “y”. If there is a vowel before the “y” then you add the “s” as normal. That is why I made some allergy medicine. The allergy medicine helps “y” so he can be around “s”.

This story is silly, but it sure helps my students remember the rules! No doubt it will help your students, too. 

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