Popcorn Words

My popcorn word-wall is definitely the cutest addition to my circus themed classroom! Popcorn calling them popcorn words, because they “POP” into your mind! They are great for your classroom Word-Wall and look so adorable. These popcorn words are on actual popcorn clip-art! To see the different popcorn words available in this packet (and their sizes) check out the pictures below. You can also check them out on TpT by clicking HERE.

Since my word-wall is a whiteboard, I use magnets to keep the words up.  For the first few week of school, I put color & number words up as a review for my students. Once we test on the color & number words, I change them out for a new set of words that we are practicing. Oh and I can’t forget… every time we add new popcorn words, we POP popcorn for a yummy treat! 

These Popcorn Words are EDITABLE which means you can type in your own words onto the popcorn pieces. This allows you to add your own words or your student names. Adding your students’ names to your word wall is a MUST!

You can also choose between popcorn shaped words or rectangle shaped words. Click on the pictures below to check out each set. These Popcorn Words also come in a bundle HERE.

The Kindergarten Popcorn Words include the pre-primer & primer Dolch sight words, color words, and numbers:

The 1st Grade Popcorn Words include the 1st grade Dolch Sight Words and a few extras:

The 2nd Grade Popcorn Words include the 2nd and 3rd grade Dolch Sight Words:

These Popcorn Words also come in a bundle. Bundles are the BEST way to save money and you will get so many popcorn words with it, as well as the editable version!

This Popcorn Word Bundle Includes:

  • Pre-Primer Dolch Sight Words
  • Primer Dolch Sight Words
  • 1st Grade Dolch Sight Words
  • 2nd Grade Dolch Sight Words
  • 3rd Grade Dolch Sight Words
  • Color Words
  • Number Words 0-10, 20
  • Two Different Popcorn Words to Choose from (popcorn or rectangle shaped)
  • Word-Wall Headers (color and B&W)
  • Editable Popcorn Words! (You can add your own words, but the font, font size, and color are fixed.)

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