Reading Comprehension Packet

Reading Comprehension Worksheets and Activities is my #1 bestselling packet on Teachers Pay Teachers and is currently being used in over 25,000 classrooms! I am so glad you guys love this packet as much as I do!

This packet contains 75 reading response sheets that can be used with any book. They are easy to use and easy to print off. The worksheets and activities in this packet are perfect for small group instruction, centers, and whole group instruction (for ages K-3). Since these reading graphic organizers and activities are generic, they can be used for a variety of stories, genres, and reading levels. 

This packet includes worksheets and activities for: Predicting, Story Elements, Plot, Text to Self/World/Text, Forming Questions, Details, Summarizing, Cause & Effect, Comparing, Character Study, Setting, Problem/Solution, Inferring, Predicting, Vocabulary, Dictionary Skills, Story Sequence, and lots more!


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