Reading Goal Craftivity!

I am so glad you guys love the Summer Reading Goal Craftivity I posted about earlier! Due to popular request, this craft is also available as a “generic” reading goal activity, unrelated to summer. This craft is very similar to my Summer Reading Goal, but it doesn’t include a parent letter or reading chart, it is just the craft. This craft comes with 5 different title choices that say:

  • My Kindergarten Grade Reading Goal
  • My First Grade Reading Goal
  • My Second Grade Reading Goal
  • My Third Grade Reading Goal
  • My Fourth Grade Reading Goal
  • My School Year Reading Goal

In my classroom, we will be making this Reading Goal Craftivity the first week of school, so my students will know how important it is to read each night.  I MAKE IT A BIG DEAL!!! (I will also teach them about the reading beads they can earn.) Then, I will send this craft home with my students so they can put their goal somewhere special at home!

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