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POW! A Zeno Sight Word Game (FREEBIE!)

Hello, Friends! Happy Monday!!! (Wait… Is there such a thing as a happy Monday??!) Here is a Zeno sight word game I like to play with my students during small groups or guided reading. It’s called POW! A Zeno Sight Word Game and your students will LOVE it! This game

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CVCe Packet {SUPER E!}

I think this might be my favorite unit so far… {do I say that every time?} I am so excited to show you my latest unit… CVCe Activities: SUPER E!! I created this unit after I realized a few of my students didn’t quite have this skill down. I have created a super

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adjective unit posted

All I can say about this unit is HALLELUJAH – it’s done! This unit finally is the perfect companion to All About Nouns and Action Verbs! One of the printables you will find in this unit is an A-Z Book of Adjectives. I made these for my students today. I will introduce

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Inflectional Word Endings (-ed, -ing)

Last week we learned about word endings (-s, -ed, -ing). My students had a lot of fun with these activities and they loved the “ed” and “ing” posters I made for them. The “-ing” poster has young kids on it, because when words end with “-ing” it means it is

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new unit: all about OPPOSITES

Beauty and the Beast has ALWAYS been my favorite movie!  I love Belle and I always wanted to be her when I grew up (maybe for Halloween). Beauty and The Beast help make learning about OPPOSITES fun!  This 38 Page Unit Includes: Center Activities, Opposite Word Wheel  (With Mrs. Potts), Opposite Word Search

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action verb unit is posted!

My students are all smiles about these action heroes! And more importantly… they know what an action verb is! After meeting “Verb” the action hero on Monday,  the girls in my class kindly requested a “Verba” action hero… They got her… meet “Verba” the little sister! This unit is designed to

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all about nouns: a language arts unit

This unit was a lot of fun to create and I can’t wait to use it with my students! Clipart By: JW Illustrations And… because you all are so wonderful… I want to give you a freebie! This is a mini book (and the freebie): I love mini books (and so

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POW! A Zeno Sight Word Game

This FREE activity takes regular, boring flashcards and turns them into a fun, competitive game. Your students won’t even realize they are learning!