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Getting Ahead of the Game

My first year of teaching, I literally lived and planned my lessons day-by-day. It was hard for me to think ahead and/or get ahead. My second year was about the same, because I started over in a new grade. Now that I am in my third year of teaching, I

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My First Grade Classroom

Hello, Friends! I have been so busy in first grade, that I nearly forgot about this little ol’ blog! I have so many fun things to share with you.  Here I am on the first day of school. I always have the first day butterflies! Here is my classroom, I

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DIY Teacher Planner

Do you have a teacher binder? What important things do you keep in it? In my teacher plan book I like to keep my weekly planner, curriculum information, student data, important school documents, and parent volunteer information. It is so nice to have all of these important documents all in

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POW! A Zeno Sight Word Game

This FREE activity takes regular, boring flashcards and turns them into a fun, competitive game. Your students won’t even realize they are learning!