The Classroom Kindness Project

This fun Daily Kindness Challenge will give your students a different challenge to focus on each day.
Your students will have so much fun sending sunshine to someone they care about or doing service for someone and leaving “The Secret Serve Star” behind.
The Kindness Report Card is a really great self-assessment and it will get your students thinking about how kind they are to others and what being kind means to them. Your students will also love the Kindness Bingo homework activity!
This 30 Days of Kindness Journal will surely become a keepsake to your students for years to come!
This whole group sorting activity will help define the words “kind” and “unkind”.
The Kindness Jar will encourage your class to be kind as a whole, because every time you see someone being kind or making a good choice, you will add a pom pom! When the jar is full, you can have a class party! 
Your students will also have a lot of fun noticing others be kind with the “Kind Classmates” box. Whenever your students see other’s being extra kind, they can give them a shout out!
After completing the activities in this packet, I hope you feel an improvement in your classroom atmosphere, and you have students who strive to be kind to others!

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