The Classroom Kindness Project

This packet was created to teach kindness in the classroom all year long! As a teacher you have many opportunities to teach kindness to your students and this packet will help you do just that. After completing the activities in this packet, I hope you feel an improvement in your classroom atmosphere, and you have students who strive to be kind to others.

This Kindness Packet Includes:

  • Sending You Sunshine writing craft (regular and primary handwriting lines)
  • Service Star Wand (to encourage kindness at home)
  • Service Bingo Homework
  • Kind Classmates Box idea w/ writing strips
  • Kind Words Object Lesson
  • 30 Days of Kindness Journal (regular and primary handwriting lines)
  • Kind/Unkind Sort
  • Kindness Jar
  • Kindness Report Card (self-assessment)
  • No Bullies Allowed Poster
  • Kind Vocabulary
  • Apology/Thank You Letter (regular and primary handwriting lines)
  • Daily Kindness Challenge (24 challenges total)
  • Writing Pages (regular and primary handwriting lines)
  • Friendship Booklet
  • “We Are Loved!” class service project
  • Kindness Catchers (similar to a Cootie Catcher)
  • “Caught Being Kind” notes to send home to parents
  • Friendship Word Search

*Pages with regular handwriting lines are also included for older students (in addition to primary handwriting lines).

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