v-day madness

 Do I get a medal for surviving Valentine’s Day in first grade?
They where higher than kites.
Worse than Christmas.
But it was so FUN! I felt like a kid again.
We started off the day making valentine’s for their parents. I got the idea here.

“No one touches my heart like you!”

Then we played “Pin the Lips on Your Teacher”.
They loved, loved, LOVED this game!
They were laughing so hard the whole time!
I got the idea from my cute friend, Kaija.
After last recess, we finally had our Valentine’s Day Tea with our sixth grade buddies!
They exchanged valentines, ate cookies, sipped on punch, and used
the Conversation Heart to talk with each other.

Then we passed out our valentines.
This part was complete chaos, but there really isn’t any other way to do it.
They were just so excited to give and get their valentines.

Their bags look so much cuter with candy in them!

They sure got a lot of loot!
At the end of the day, I sent them home with Love Pox all over their faces!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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