Who is Worth More to You Than Gold?

Think about this: Who is worth more to you than gold? Who came to your mind first? Who would you write about? I love asking this question to my students. Their responses are always so, SO sweet.

This fun, March activity will get your students excited about St. Patrick’s Day, while thinking about those they love (more than gold, of course)! The student responses to this writing activity are always my favorite! This activity can be adapted for Kindergarten – 6th grade. (All activities that come with primary handwriting lines for younger students, also come with regular handwriting lines for older students.)

This activity also makes a darling hallway or bulletin board display. And when the time comes for your students to take this cute craft home, they will become precious keepsakes! Parents LOVE these!

Click the image below to check this activity out on Teachers Pay Teachers. It comes in a writing packet full of writing activities for the month of March and St. Patrick’s Day:


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