Teaching Contractions in First Grade

Hello, Friends! While I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my sweet baby (did I mention I was pregnant and due any day?) I put together this fun packet all about teaching contractions: Contraction Magic! I am literally enduring pregnancy contractions and we are learning about contractions in first grade. Apparently, I really have contractions on my brain!

I put this packet together to give my students more contraction practice in a fun way. The whole magic theme was inspired by this fun book, Alfie the Aprostrophe! Alfie is an engaging character who learns confidence while he teaches about contractions. You can check out this book on Amazon, HERE. (Affiliate Link)

Alfie the Apostrophe: Donohue, Moira Rose, Adinolfi, JoAnn: 9780807502563:  Amazon.com: Books

Of course, if you are going to do some magic, you definitely need a magic wand! Your students will love making these wands. They are made with clear straws and sparkly pipe cleaners. The template for the star is in the Contraction Magic Packet.

Here is just a little peek of some fun, engaging activities included in this packet:

This Packet Includes: Contraction Code Posters, Over 15 Practice Pages, 4 Games, Fun Activities, Contraction Wand Template, Flash Cards, Reading Passages, and MORE!  

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