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Back to School Bulletin Board Idea

This bulletin board says “We’re the BRIGHTEST CRAYONS in the box!” making it perfect for back to school. If you wanted to make this bulletin board for Teacher Appreciation week, then you could saying something like, “Because of Mrs./Mr. ______ we are the BRIGHTEST CRAYONS in the box!” This bulletin

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My First Grade Classroom

Hello, Friends! I have been so busy in first grade, that I nearly forgot about this little ol’ blog! I have so many fun things to share with you.  Here I am on the first day of school. I always have the first day butterflies! Here is my classroom, I

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Bulletin Board Ideas

Wooohooo! My back-to-school bulletin board is finished! *Insert sigh of relief!* I have a love/hate relationship with bulletin boards. I love thinking of the idea, I hate carrying it out {it’s stressful}, and I love the finished product. This year I am going to continue with the same circus/carnival theme

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back-to-school postcard fun!

School starts in less than two weeks and it is time to get my welcome postcards out to my students! Children LOVE getting mail… especially from their teacher. This year I am sending out my circus postcard. I took them to a local printer so they could print them double

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My favorite way to start the school year is with this adorable “All About Me” doll and book. They always turn out super precious and they become a keepsake for each of my students. My students love working on these and they are always super proud of the finished product.

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POW! A Zeno Sight Word Game

This FREE activity takes regular, boring flashcards and turns them into a fun, competitive game. Your students won’t even realize they are learning!