Daily 5: Chapter 1

Hello, Teacher Friends! I hope you are enjoying The Daily 5 book! I know I am! 🙂
If you want to get your own copy and join in on the fun, click {here}!
This book has seriously lifted a HUGE weight off my shoulders. Last year {my second year of teaching} I did guided reading/my own twist on group reading with my students every day. From my students’ perspective, it was successful, because they became strong readers. From my perspective, it was a FLOP. I came to hate reading time preparing everything {which I absolutely loved my first year} and I had a MAJOR HEADACHE at 10:15, every morning, when group reading time was finished. {Headaches don’t make the nicest teachers!} To pull of my reading groups, I had to spend HOURS of my planning time {to keep everyone busy and actively engaged}. Basically, I was working HARDER not smarter.  And that my friends, is why I am so in love with The Daily 5. With The Daily 5 book, I will enjoy reading time again, because this book will help me work SMARTER not harder. I love the idea that students are monitoring their own progress, while I get to do important teacher stuff! 😉 I also love the 5 different areas that they focus on and I made some of my own classroom posters to go along! 
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