End of the School Year FUN!

I can’t believe the end of the school year is near!! How does time keep passing by so quickly?? Here are some fun little crafts I’ve made with my students to celebrate summer and the end of the school year.

Here Comes the Sun Writing Activity: This summer craftivity is perfect for the last few weeks of school, and it makes a darling hallway/bulletin board display! This packet includes: sunshine craft black lines (templates), sunshine craft writing pages, summer writing web worksheets, and additional summer writing prompts. Click HERE to check it out!

Summer Reading Goal Craft: This activity will make your students excited to read this summer! It is so important to set a reading goal with your students before they head off for summer break. You don’t want them to backslide, especially on their reading. This packet includes: summer reading goal craftivity (with & without handwriting lines), letter to parents/guardians (2 versions), reading record sheet (2 versions), book report worksheet, and a student award (for when they reach their summer reading goal). Click HERE to check it out!

Summer Countdown: This free resource will quickly become a class favorite! We are all excited for SUMMER! To make your own countdown download the printable HERE and put it in a glass picture frame. I got this frame at the dollar store. Then you can use a dry erase marker to write in the number of days left in the school year and change it daily. Click HERE to check it out!

Autobiography Books: These books are available in my Biography packet and they always turn out darling! They are the perfect project for the end of the school year and will be treasures to your students and their parents. Click HERE to check it out!

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