January = Snow & Penguins

For some reason January makes me think of snow, penguins, and pretty much nothing else. Here in Utah it has been so bitter cold lately. It’s cold enough that my students are literally begging me to let them stay inside for recess and, because I am a sucker, I usually say yes. 
Before winter break some wonderful parent volunteers put this cute, winter-themed bulletin board together. They sent in the snow globes ahead of time and I taught my students how to draw a snowman. Their artwork turned out so cute and we added glitter for the finishing touches! My students are so proud of their snow globes!! I love this bulletin board and how I was able to leave it up for December and January {bonus}!
Here are some of the snow globes up close:
Besides hermit crabs, we are all about penguins in my classroom! My kiddos are obsessed with these books that I checked out from our school library. A class favorite is The Emperor’s Egg and, I must say, it’s also my favorite! It is a fun picture book, great read-aloud, and it is super informative.
Click {here} to check out this book for yourself!
The Emperor's Egg
Today while browsing the internet, I came across this adorable stuffed penguin… I need it!!! How cute is that little chick?  My kids will love this too… I should buy it right??! Click {here} to check it out for yourself.
Aurora World 12" Emperor Mama And Baby Penguin
Right when we got back from winter break, my students made these cute lil’ penguins. I first blogged about this simple penguin craft {here}. I always love to see how different each penguin turns out and how they oddly resemble the student that made them! This penguin craft will be the cover of our Penguin Portfolios that I’ll blog about later this month. 
For our Penguin Portfolios we will be using a few pages from my All About Penguins freebie on TpT. You can check it out for yourself {here}. I will also be using Deanna’s Penguin Unit {here}.
Do you study penguins with your students? What are some of your favorite resources?!

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