100 Book Challenge {FREEBIE!}

A few months ago, I challenged my first graders to read 100 books! My students all had different reactions to this challenge… Most got really excited and started right way. Some thought it was absolutely impossible. {It’s hard enough to count to 100… let alone read 100 books!}

However, no matter what their reactions were at the beginning of the challenge, I know they will all read 100 books by the end of the year. I make a really big deal about it and I have always had a 99% success rate! So far, I’ve already had five students complete this challenge and I am so proud of them!

When my students read 100 books, they bring their 100 Book Chain into school. Then I take a picture of them so I can display it in the classroom. Putting their pictures up on the “I Can Read 100 Books!” bulletin board can be really motivating to some students.

This is my cute niece from a few years ago. She was the first to read 100 books!
{That’s what happens when your aunt is your teacher…}

As their reward, my students get to pick out a new book to take home.
{I used my Scholastic points and got them all for free!}

They also get this little treat bag, which includes: candy, a bouncy ball, and a finger flashlight.
I got the cellophane bags {here} and the yellow ribbon {here}.

My students made their chain starters in class. I copied them onto white card stock and they colored/decorated them. You can challenge your students to read 100 or 50 books–depending on the grade you teach and how much time you have left in the school year.

With their chain starters, I also sent home a letter explaining the rules of the challenge to the parents. Attached to the letter I included 10 pages of chain links (100 chain links total).

Click {here} to download the 100 Book Challenge!

How do you encourage your students to read at home??

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