Free Daily Schedule

This free download includes a daily routine or schedule outline that is perfect for homeschooling, distance learning, teachers, long school breaks, sahms, and summer vacation. Included below is an example of how I use this schedule in my home. You can download it from my FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY by clicking HERE!

This download includes an editable page so you can make up your own routine. To do this you will need Adobe Acrobat. You will also need to download the font: KG One More Night. Click HERE to download this font for free (for personal use). Tip: If the letters in the font are too close together, then add a space between each letter. The font & font size are fixed and cannot be changed. 

This is a FREE download. Please do not send me an email or DM request to make any changes. By stating that it is “editable” means that you can type your own schedule, not change the document in any other way. Thanks for understanding! xoxo

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