Mini Classroom Tour

Remember when I first posted about my reading beads? (BTW: reading beads are a GREAT way to track home reading minutes!!) Well, let’s just say that my students are totally obsessed with them! They have to read 100 minutes to get a bead and I occasionally offer special beads for special challenges. There will definitely be a spring break challenge and if my students read everyday during spring break, then they will get a special gold bead for their reading necklaces. These beads have been so motivating, and I love how they can physically see how many minutes they have read (it’s also been easy to maintain, because they only bring their charts back once a month and I have a parent volunteer help). This is definitely something I’ll be doing next year and beyond!! Look at how many beads they have earned so far (our March calendars are due tomorrow and they’ll get to put a bunch more on).

After seeing a bunch of noise level charts on Pinterest, I decided to make my own version. I also had an empty space to fill and I had to put something colorful there, pronto! On my noise level chart I have magnets on each level and I just move the arrow to where it needs to be. We only use the noise level chart during quiet working time. I usually leave it at a “quiet whisper” and if I ever move it to “no talking” then they know I mean business!

What does your classroom schedule look like? I wanted to post mine, just in case somebody out there can use it! I use this pocket chart and will last years! Check it out on Amazon HERE. I purchased this last year and I made my own subjects. I have a huge stack of different subjects and I switch them out daily — depending on what I need. I also don’t put the times because I am too lazy and because they always hold me to it… “Ummm… Mrs. Erickson, it is 11:00 and we should be moving onto Math…” Ya, you know what I mean! (Update: I’ve switch my schedule cards to the free ones from Cara Carroll– they are adorable! Click HERE to check them out. She has so many subjects to choose from. Thanks, Cara!)

We are also working on 3-D shapes. Check them out on Amazon HERE. I love my blow-up shapes and so do my students! These bright colors fit right into our circus theme and I love how they hang from the ceiling (they come down easy, too). Everyone who comes into our classroom comments on cool they are, too.  We’ve been using activities from Amy Lemon’s Shapin’ Up Unit and my students are having tons of fun!

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