all about biographies!

In my second grade classroom, we are all about biographies! {Confession: I think most biographies are quite boring… but of course I would never tell my students that… and even if I did, they wouldn’t believe me. They think biographies are pretty much the coolest thing ever. EVER.}
To make biographies “cool” I started out by telling my students all about them, using these posters. 
{Okay, so this part isn’t really that cool… but at least the posters are cute!}
And then I pulled out all the awesome biographies {Harry Potter anyone??} and my students have been smitten ever since. They LOVE learning about different people– esp. famous people they watch on TV.

Then I showed them what their own autobiographies were going to look like and they got excited! But before I let them start, I gave them the “you-better-do-your-very-best-work” talk, because this is going to be the final project that I will send home with them at the end of the year. We are talking keepsakes that their parents will keep forever and show their future boyfriends/girlfriends keepsakes. {You gotta have something to show for second grade, right?}

In case you were wondering, this is what I really look like:
Here is a little peek of the inside of the books:
We aren’t nearly finished with our autobiographies, but we have a good start and they are already really proud of what they have done so far. I am excited to see their final products and I will def. post pictures!
If you want to make your own autobiography books with your own students 
{to send home as an end-of-the year keepsake}, you can purchase it on TpT for $8.00. {Click Here!
This unit is perfect for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd grade and it includes: biography poster, autobiography poster, 2 worksheets/assessments to accompany both posters, autobiography activity {with all the pages needed to complete a book and an art activity}, and a homework assignment to help write autobiographies.

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