Clowning Around: Teaching “ou” and “ow” Digraphs

Last week we learned about the vowel pairs “ou” and ow” (example: found, clown). My students had a lot of fun with these clown activities and they loved the silly clown posters! You can check out this packet in my TpT Shop by clicking HERE.

I work at a really great school with a fantastic faculty. This clown pictured below is a 6th grade teacher (my best teacher friend), who helped me out with an “ow” and “ou” phonics lesson. She came into our classroom dressed as a clown with owies (band-aids) all over her! The students were in awe and she had their attention the whole time! They love visitors… especially funny ones! She talked about some “ow” and “ou” words and read them a Clifford Circus story. This was a memorable lesson for sure!

These are the cute clown posters that are include in this Clowning Around (“OW” and “OU”) Packet. I love how they have owies all over them! These letter characters will help your students remember the letter pairs and the sounds they make.

We also played “Pin the OWIE on the Clown!” Another game available in this packet. They thought this game was hilarious (and it was)! We used real band-aids for this game… we went through a lot of band-aids. (How can you not when you are teaching the “ow” sound?)

Like I said, we went through lots of band-aids…  

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