Valentine Bingo

This Valentine Bingo Set is perfect for class parties or family gatherings during the month of February! This set has fun holiday images for Valentine’s Day including hearts, yummy deserts, Cupid, valentines, flowers, lady bugs, teddy bears, and so much more! This set comes with 30 different variations of the bingo boards and caller cards (and can accommodate up to 30 students).

The bingo boards and caller cards come in color and B&W for your convenience. You also get to choose between a striped background or plain background. The simple design makes it perfect for school!

There is also an activity for your students to make their own Valentine Bingo Boards. This way they can make their own luck! After playing, they can trade their boards with a friend and play again.

Looking for more? February Activities (Writing, Math, & More) BUNDLE has everything you will need for Valentine’s Day and the whole month of February! It also includes the Valentine Bingo Set that your students will LOVE!

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