End-of-the-Year Gifts (For Students, Parents, and Teachers)

Since I only have 5 days of school left, I finished up my end-of-the-year gifts for my students and parent volunteers this weekend. It took a whole lot of ribbon and cellophane, but I am finally finished! If you follow me on Facebook HERE or Instagram HERE then you got a little sneak peek yesterday!

On the last day of school, my students will get this adorable treat bag. I got the idea and fish bowl printable from my good friend, Anna Brantley at Crazy for First Grade. Click HERE to get the printable from her blog. My students will love them!

This year, I’ve had some AMAZING parent volunteers! To show them how much I appreciate them, I’ve made a little nail polish gift baggie. It includes pink nail polish, clear nail polish, and a large nail file. You can download this tag for free from my FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY by clicking HERE!

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