First Grade Word Families

I am so excited to share these Word Family Workbooks with you! This workbook includes 100+ long and short vowel word families that come at the end of a word (and common digraphs). It is a FANTASTIC year-long tool that will help your students learn about different word families and their spelling patterns. Each word family includes an example word to trace with a picture to go along with it.

Each year I like to create a couple of workbooks for my students to keep in their desks all year long. This year, I really want to focus on word families to help with spelling, reading, and phonics.   These Word Family Workbooks will be perfect for this!

Here’s a small sample of how the pages are formatted. When using this workbook in the classroom, you would start by introducing the new word family to your students. Then you’d give them a few examples of that word family (i.e. if you were teaching -ab, then some examples would be cab, tab, blab) and you’d have them trace the example word. As a class, you would then brainstorm additional words to add to that list by writing them down. Students would end the activity by coloring the example picture in the corner. The idea is that you and your students will work on these word family books ALL YEAR LONG! At the end of the year, your students will have a great word family resource to take home!

Here is a list of the 100+ word families included with the Word Family Workbook:

The best part about this packet are the Word Family Example Lists! These word family lists will be a huge lifesaver for when you teach word families. Just print them off and bind together like a book or place in a folder. Think of them as your teacher cheat sheet (for when your mind goes blank during a lesson or for when a student suggests a potty word for the word family… happens every time)! It includes all the words you’ll need for all 100+ word families. You’re welcome.

This Word Family Workbook Includes:

  • 100+ Word Families
  • Word Family Example Lists (A.K.A. teacher cheat-sheet)
  • Blank Word Family Page (for any word families not in this book)
  • 3 Covers to Choose From

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