Fun Freebies for February!

Don’t Eat Pete is a fun game to play at your classroom Valentine’s Day party! This game will quickly become a class favorite– my students love this game so much! This free game download includes an Editable Sight Word Edition, the original version (which is perfect for Halloween or any occasion really), Valentine’s Day version, and St. Patrick’s Day version. All you have to do is print and go!

How to Play: Place a small treat (candy, cereal, goldfish, etc.) on each monster. Send “Player One” away from the room and have the remaining players choose which monster will be “Pete”. Then have “Player One” return and begin eating the treats, one at a time. As soon as “Player One” tries to eat the treat that is on the “Pete” monster, everyone will shout, “Don’t eat Pete!!” Their turn is over and they will stop eating the small treats. (Obviously the object of the game is to eat as many treats as you can!) Repeat until all players have had a turn.⁠ And believe me, there will be a lot of repeats!

Your students will love these glow stick Valentines! I buy my glow sticks from the dollar store.To make these Valentines, just print onto white card stock, cut out, sign your name, and tape onto a glow stick. Super easy, right?! Your students will be so excited to get these for Valentine’s Day!

If you are a teacher, then you already have a drawer full of fun {fancy} pencils! Pull those pencils out and download this Valentine tag and you’ll be ready to go on Valentine’s Day. *Note: You might want to sharpen all of the pencils ahead of time… otherwise you’ll have an instant line at your pencil sharpener. 

These packets are also perfect for February!

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