hatching chicken eggs

My class is trying to hatch chicken eggs…
Here is our incubator:
Here are the cute chicken eggs (we got a dozen):

I put the document camera over the incubator, so we could see it on the projector screen (all day). My students LOVED watching the progress. A few chickens started pecking little holes! 
I even let them stay in for last recess just to watch:

When I left school today, none of them had hatched.
When I went into check on them around 7:30pm… a chick hatched!!
I couldn’t believe it!!
Look how cute this little guy is:

I can’t wait to show my students tomorrow and I hope no more hatch during the night…
I want them to hatch while the students are there… cross your fingers!
Have you hatched chicken eggs before?
Any advice?

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