mr. fly unit is posted!

This Unit Includes: Y Character Poster in Color, Y Character Poster in Black and White, “POW” Flash Card Game, Bingo Game, Fly Swatter Game, Matching Game, Writing Activity, Fly Swatter Craft and Assessment, Long /i/ and /e/ Comparison Activities, Practice Pages/Assessments

My students have ab-so-lute-ly LOVED this unit. 
And… can I just say that Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl is my favorite of all the Fly Guy books… so cute!
This unit includes some really fun fly swatter games!
(FYI: I bought my fly swatters at Walmart for $0.98 each.)

After the fun fly swatter games, my students made their own fly swatters–they turned out darling!
(Well… as darling as fly swatters can be!)

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