Multiplication and Division Math Packet

Before you start reading, I know what you are thinking… Lindsey, you are a first grade teacher. Why are you making multiplication and division packets on TpT? Well, remember my Double-Digit Math Packet? Since I created that packet a few years ago, I have had many requests to make a similar Multiplication and Division Math Packet!! It took me about a year, {yes, I have been working on it a little bit here and there} but I finally uploaded it to TpT tonight!! WAHOO!! I can now check this off my list!
This packet has lots and LOTS of multiplication and division practice for your students!

This 124 page unit contains:
*Over 25 Practice Pages {multiplication, division, and both}
*Multiplication and Division Timed-Tests {with student trackers and a completion certificate}
*3 Fun Activities {Bingo, Math Hunt, and A Board Game}
*Multiplication and Division Story Problems

Every activity, worksheet, and game included in this packet is in black & white. I like to keep things practical because I don’t always have access to a color printer and color ink is just so expensive.
Click on the picture below to check it out on TpT:
Like I mentioned above, this packet is the perfect companion pack to my Double-Digit Math Packet {Triple-Digit, Too!}. You can read more about this packet on my blog {here} and check it out on TpT {here}.
And… I will give away both units to the first three people who leave me their email addresses in the comment section below!

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