Multiplication and Division Math Packet

Do your students need practice with multiplication and division? This math packet includes practice pages, activities, games, timed-tests, and story problems to help your students learn and practice multiplication and division math facts. Check out the pictures below to learn more about this math packet. You can also check it out on TpT by clicking HERE.

This Division and Multiplication Packet Includes:

  • Multiplication & Division Timed Tests
  • 12 Multiplication Practice Pages
  • 12 Division Practice Pages
  • 4 Mixed Multiplication & Division 
  • Multiplication & Division Story Problem Practice
  • Math Hunt Activity – Students will search around the classroom for multiplication and division problems, record them on their “Math Hunt” worksheets, and solve.
  • Board Game Activity – Students will play a board game with 2-4 players. When they draw a “Math Card” they only get to move forward on the board if they can solve the math problem correctly.
  • Bingo Game – Students will solve multiplication and division problems on their Bingo Boards. After solving, the class will play bingo using only the answers. This activity motivates your students to get the correct answers!
  • Answer Keys

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