my SUPER bulletin board

I have a love/hate relationship with my hallway bulletin board…
I love decorating it.
I hate the time it takes to decorate it.
Thank goodness for Teacher Appreciation Week and the PTA at my school!
My room mom (who just happens to be my older sister) decorated this A-MAZ-ING board:
How cute is this little superhero girl? Hmmmm… I think she would go great with my sup-ER-hero unit!!!
I just might have to take her off carefully and send her through the laminater!

And just in case you are wondering, my sister created her from scratch.
Meaning… she drew her by hand and cut her out… she is freakishly talented!

Thanks Sis! You are the best!!
I am always looking for creative bulletin board ideas.
Please let me know if you post one!
What are your favorite bulletin board ideas?

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