Popcorn Words Update!

I’ve updated my Popcorn Word Wall Sets! They are now EDITABLE, they have a more kid-friendly font, and you can choose between popcorn shaped words or rectangle shaped words. If you have already purchased these popcorn words, then make sure you go download the update!! If you have already printed, laminated and displayed your popcorn words with the old file, then you want the editable version that says “Editable (Smiley Monster Font)”. 

Click on the pictures below to check out each packet:
I have received so many requests to bundle all these popcorn words together and I have finally gotten around to it! You can now find this K-2 Popcorn Word Bundle in my TpT Shop! It will also be on sale until midnight tomorrow! Since it is a bundle, it is already discounted, but with the sale it is discounted even more and you end up saving $8.00!! That’s HUGE!
A few years ago, I created this entire set of popcorn words, just because I wanted a reason to buy this adorable popcorn popper for my classroom! It is so much fun to pop popcorn whenever we add new popcorn words to our word wall! My students love it!
You can find this popcorn popper on Amazon {HERE}!
Happy Saturday!

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