Secret Code Freebie

Even as an adult, I think secret codes are so much fun! My students have always loved secret codes, too. I have used secret codes in my classroom as a fun way to practice spelling and letter writing. Secret codes are a fun mystery that any student can solve! I’ve just posted a fun Secret Code Freebie in my FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY. Click HERE to check it out and download!

My sister’s family recently moved across the country and I miss them like crazy! I am always sending them fun packages as a way to stay in touch. In the last package I sent them, I included these fun secret code wheels and a secret message. Each child got their own secret message and their own decipher wheel. By having their own decipher wheels, they can write their own secret messages to each other!

This freebie includes two versions for you to choose from. The one with symbols is fun and ideal for younger children. The one with all letters is a little more challenging, and is great for older children or adults. Print the secret code wheel of your choice onto colored card stock and secure together with a brad. You can make a decipher wheel for each of your students, put a few in a writing center, or put one on the overhead projector.

The best part about this decipher wheel is that the secret code is always changing! Just turn the wheel and see!  

Here is the package I sent off to my sister’s family this week. Isn’t it exciting to get a surprise package in the mail?! I sent off a special secret code letter and decipher wheel for each kid. I also include some Whoopee cushions, just for fun! I found them in the Target party section, but you can buy them on Amazon HERE.

This freebie also includes a fun secret code to use on St. Patricks’ day and Christmas! (Download it now and save it for later!)

In my classroom, whenever I introduced my students to secret codes, I always did it with this book: The Secret Code. It’s a fun story about a student who is blind and how he teaches his friends about the braille alphabet. (Note: it doesn’t include any actual braille.) The braille alphabet is also like a secret code! Click HERE to check out this fun book! 

PBS Kids has an activity booklet called “Arthur’s Communication Adventure” and it includes a fun activity with braille. Click HERE to check it out. You can also get a copy of the braille alphabet HERE. Print it out and have your students use the braille as a secret code. You can also check out your local library to see if they have an books with actual braille in them. Your students will think they are so cool and they will love trying to read the raised braille alphabet with their hands.

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