Summer Reading Goal

With the school year coming to a close, I am feeling mixed emotions. I am excited for summer, because I am one exhausted teacher… but I am sad to see my little ones go onto third grade. They are my first class, and I’ve had them for two years. I love them like they are my own! In my classroom there’s been a unique unity and camaraderie between my students. I am so sad to see them go. I have also worked, and worked, and WORKED with them on reading fluency and comprehension. I am sending on a group of FANTASTIC readers and I am really proud of the progress they have made the past two years.

Even though I will only be their teacher for another 3 weeks, I will always be invested in their education.  I will still care whether or not they read during the summer and I don’t want them to lose any progress they’ve made. (I am sure you feel the same way!) I am going to STRESS to them how important it is to read everyday!! They have made too much progress for them to back-track.

To encourage their summer reading, we will be making this summer reading craftivity pictured below. During the last week of school my students will be committing to summer reading goals like: I will read 20 minutes each weeknight, I will read 5 days a week, I will read 4 chapter books this summer, etc.

This Download Includes:

  • Summer reading goal craftivity (K – 6th, with primary and regular handwriting lines)
  • Letter home to parents/guardians (2 versions)
  • Reading record sheet (2 versions)
  • 3 book report worksheets
  • Student award (for when your they reach their summer reading goal)

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