the countdown is ON!

Only 13 school days left!!!!!!!!! To countdown the days, we are popping one balloon a day and each
balloon is filled with something fun/exciting to do that day. I got this fun great idea from 
Mrs. Gray over at Here We Go Loopty Loo. Click {here} to check it out. 
We started with 20 days to go and my students are loving it, in fact, they are a tad bit obsessed!
On the first day of the countdown, we had a “special animal visitor” and my sister brought her baby bunnies. I sat my students in a circle and let them hop around! They loved them!
Another day we had Boggle day and they got to play Boggle when they finished their work. I didn’t have time to make the cute Boggle boards I see all over Pinterest, but my document camera worked just as good!

Today we did this fun science experiment with vinegar, baking soda, a bottle, and balloons! 
Click {here} to check it out.
Here is a list of some of the activities I have filled my balloons with. 
Click the image below to check it out:
I also came across a darling blogger {First with Franklin} who did a similar idea in her classroom. 
Click {here} to check out her blog and get some more ideas for your own countdown!
How are you spending your last few days of school?

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