Teaching Action Verbs

This grammar packet has everything you’ll need to introduce action verbs to your students and is perfect for beginners. Parts of speech can be a tricky concept to teach to your students, so let me help! This packet was made to teach action verbs in a creative way—with original action heroes Verb and Verbette. These cool heroes were made by me and you will only find them in this packet. These heroes love to MOVE IT and use their actions! Get your students excited and moving with these creative grammar activities! Click HERE to check it out in my TpT shop.

This Action Verb Packet Includes:

  • Original Super Hero Characters Verb and Verbette
  • Action Verb Charts (Color and B&W) 
  • Mini Action Verb Posters 
  • Action Verb Word Hunt (Read the Room) 
  • Action Verb Board Game 
  • My Actions All Week Booklet
  • Fraction Flash Cards 
  • Shades of Meaning with Action Verbs 
  • Action Verb Synonym Practice
  • Create-a-Hero Activity
  • Class Activity  
  • Action Verb Bulletin Board 
  • Action Verb Bingo 
  • Reading Passages 
  • Action Verb Opposites 
  • Action Verb Writing Prompt 
  • Action Verb Word Sort 
  • Action Verb Bookmark
  • Action Verb Assessment (formal test)
  • 25 + Action Verb Practice Pages

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