Awesome Adjectives Packet

This packet has everything you’ll need to introduce adjectives to your students and is perfect for beginners. Parts of speech can be a tricky concept to teach to your students, so let me help! I have spend hours creating fun, meaningful activities about adjectives that your students will LOVE! Please note: many of the activities in this packet also integrate nouns. Need to review nouns with your students? I have a noun packet on TpT HERE.

Check out the list and pictures below to see what comes in this packet! You can also head on over to my TpT shop and check it out there by clicking HERE!

This Adjective Packet Includes:

  • Adjective Posters (in color and B&W) one has the definition of an adjective and the other one details what adjectives tell us.
  • Mini Adjective Posters for students to put in their journals
  • Bubblegum Machine Craftivity students will make a bubblegum machine craft and on each gumball they will write an adjective to describe bubblegum
  • Adjective Board Game students will answers questions about adjectives while playing a board game with their peers
  • A-Z Book of Adjectives (For Writer’s Workshop) this book will give your students a complete list of adjectives (A-Z) and is perfect for writing
  • Writing Prompts (Writing Web and Worksheet) students will think of adjectives to describe and noun and they write about it
  • Mini Adjective Book in this book students will write about how adjectives tell us what color, how many, the size, how it sounds, how it feels, and how it looks
  • Reading Passages students will find the adjectives in reading passages and record them on their worksheet
  • Adjective Word Sort students will identify adjectives and sort them 
  • Adjective Bookmark while reading students will search for adjectives and record them on their adjective bookmark
  • Class Activity for this activity you will distribute pictures of a person, place or thing (nouns) to you students and give them an opportunity to share an adjective that describes the picture they were given
  • Build-A-Sentence Game with a partner students will build a sentence — they will roll the dice to get a noun, spin the spinner to get a verb, and pick a card from the deck to get an adjective
  • Adjective Bingo students will make their own bingo boards full of adjectives
  • Adjective Opposites students will think of adjective opposites
  • Reader Response Worksheets w/ Adjectives after reading, students will use adjectives to show reading comprehension (i.e. use three adjectives to describe the main character)
  • Adjective Word Hunt (Read the Room) students will search the classroom for adjectives and record them on their worksheet
  • 15+ Assessments/Practice Pages
  • Adjective Assessment (formal test)

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