Teaching Vowels – Free Printable

A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y – They are the vowels and the glue that stick the words together. This is a great visual for your classroom and will help your students remember which letters are vowels. It’s also important to teach your students that every word NEEDS a vowel!

After downloading this free printable, print onto card stock, cut out, and laminate. Then, display in your classroom where your students can refer to these glue bottle vowels often. You can find this free printable in my FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY by clicking HERE.

Have you heard that cute song from the Leap Frog – Talking Words Factory DVD? (Affiliate Link) If you haven’t you need to! I had my students watch it to review letter sounds at the beginning of the year. It has a catchy little song for vowels that goes like this:  

We’re A-E-I-O-U,
We’re the vowels! 
We’re the glue, 
To stick the words together, 
We’re very sticky letters! 
We’re very sticky, 
Very icky, 
Sticky-icky letters! 

While singing it, I have my students link their fingers together and pretend like they can’t get them apart (like they are so sticky, just like the vowel letters).

You can download these glue bottle vowels from my FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY by clicking HERE!

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