What Do Writers Write?

You know that cute lady, Cara, from The First Grade Parade(Ahh, who am I kiddin’!? Of course you do!!!)  Well… she recently posted about a super cute writing poster called, “What Do Writers Write?” After seeing it on her blog (and all over Pinterest) I immediately made one for my class. With Cara’s permission, I am giving this pencil poster as a free download in my free resource library! Click HERE to check it out and download it for your classroom.

To make this large pencil poster, you will need to download it from my FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY. Then you can print it (in color) on 5 pieces of white card stock, cut out, glue together, and laminate. It will look perfect on your writing bulletin board and is the perfect addition to any classroom!

Mini versions of this pencil poster are also available in this free download. You can give them to students for their writers workshop journals or they can use them as bookmarks. They come in color or black and white.

This pencil poster goes great with these awesome Primary Writing Templates! Every writing template you will ever need is in this packet and it includes 30+ primary writing templates that can be used all year long! The pages in this packet can be used for any writing project or subject… the possibilities are endless!

This Packet Includes: Book Projects, Rough Draft Templates, Sequencing Templates, 5 Senses Template, Letter Templates, Generic Writing Templates (for any occasion/subject), Vocabulary Practice Templates, & Writing Webs (all templates come with handwriting lines and regular lines)

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