Homeschool Care Package

If you know me well, then you know that I am SUPER close with my family. Knowing that, you can probably imagine how sad I was when my sister moved across the country! (GAH! And right when I had my baby… COME BACK!)   

Even though I miss my sister and her family, (LIKE CRAZY) I have found a lot of joy in sending them packages. My mom and I have come up with some really great packages, and I want to share one with you today.  

While they are away, my sister is homeschooling her kids. So my mom and I decided to send them a homeschool care package. I was so excited to send them this package, because I love ALL things school related. 🙂  

First we started by decorating a box from the post office… A package is fun, but a DECORATED package is BETTER and more fun!

We raided the school and dollar section at Target, so we could send a personalized pencil box to each child. Each box had pencils, crayons, fun erasers, stickers, a multicolored pen, flash cards, chapstick, and candy… we always send lots and LOTS of candy.

Along with the pencil boxes, we sent an enormous amount of stickers and I had to include some Scentos. They were especially excited to get these fun, smelly markers!

They also got lots of flash cards and books! I was pretty impressed with the workbooks at Target and they were only a dollar, too!

I also included one of my own games! This fun game came from my Contractions packet on TpT.  You can check it out by clicking HERE!

It was a challenge to fit everything in the box! I had to re-pack it a few times! When they got the package, I got to watch them open it via Skype. They were so excited until they realized it was full of school supplies… ha! Let’s just say they really enjoyed all of the candy and the contraction game I made. 🙂

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