back-to-school postcard fun!

School starts in less than two weeks and it is time to get my welcome postcards out to my students! Children LOVE getting mail… especially from their teacher. This year I am sending out my circus postcard. I took them to a local printer so they could print them double sided (like an actual postcard). They also print them on a really nice card stock and cut them out for me (I love saving myself time/work). Anyways, it was really fun to see these printed! Seeing the “final product” just might be my favorite part about designing!   These turned out super cute and I am excited for my students to get them in the mail.

He’s an example of the message I write to my students, in case you might be wondering how I use these postcards.

Click HERE to download the circus postcard for FREE. If your school hasn’t started yet, it’s not too late to send your new students a postcard!  They will love it and it will also impress their parents!

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