biographies, books, and clowns… oh my!

The end-of-the-year is near {5 days}, but you wouldn’t know it in my classroom! My students are keeping busy with their autobiographies, book goals, and all of our end-of-the-year activities.
We are finally finishing up our autobiographies and they are DARLING!
My students are so proud of them and they get to take them home after our ukulele program on Tuesday.
I have a few students who are finished, but they still want to look through their autobiographies everyday {very slowly}, because they are so pleased with the finished product. Too cute!
You can check out the autobiographies by clicking {here}.
I also gave my students Candy Awards made by Reagan Tunstall. Since I have a circus them in my classroom, my mom dressed up as a clown and passed them out for me. My students were all giggles, because of the silly clown, and they loved getting an award! This was a perfect end-of-the-year activity!!
The awards were sitting in this box all day just taunting my students!
 They were dying to know what was in the box and they weren’t disappointed with the result!
Click {here} to check out these adorable Candy Awards!
We also made our summer reading goals! Don’t you love these books?
Click {here} to snag this activity for yourself!
My students will take these books home and put them somewhere special in their rooms,
so they can remember their summer reading goals.

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