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First Grade Calendar Time

Here are a few pictures of my calendar wall. I put a lot of thought into this bulletin board and it took me a long time to finally put it together. I really wanted to make this space meaningful, because I think calendar time is really important. We start every

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everyday learning

I have been crazy busy getting my classroom ready for Monday. I don’t know how you teachers with kids do it!  If I had kids, they would be seriously neglected right now… My poor husband. Anyways… while getting my classroom ready, I created an Everyday Learning workbook. This book will

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Number Sense Worksheet Freebie!

For this activity all you need to do is give your students a number and write the number word on the board (unless they are geniuses and they already know how to spell double digit numbers). I write it on the board in the same place every day and I

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doubles addition: an easter themed unit

When I return from Spring Break, I want to focus on Doubles Addition with my students. Of course my students know how to do addition, but I want them to have their facts memorized by the end of the year. Teaching doubles addition will help my students recall other addition

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commutative property?

Growing up, I knew that 5+4=9 and 4+5=9, but I didn’t know it was commutative property. I didn’t learn that stuff until college (I wasn’t a great listener in grade school). But my students are required to know what commutative property is and define it… When it comes to teaching

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Key Words for Addition & Subtraction

My students have been struggling with story problems lately. So I decided to make some math charts for addition and subtraction key words. I got the idea from Jodi at Fun in First (she has really great ideas… if you haven’t checked out her blog, you NEED to). These are the key

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telling time

I have recently introduced the analog clock to my students. They are now obsessed with it and they think it is the coolest thing! Teacher! Do you want me to tell you what time it is? We are only working on the hour hand right now… minutes will come later! I

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we are family!

My students are loving my Fact Family Unit! It makes sense to them. I can see the “light bulb” turn on! I also incoporated a great idea I got from a Jodi at Fun in First! I made number necklaces to go along with each page in the Fact Family Workbook.

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money management

In my classroom, all of my desks are in groups/teams. I can’t stand to have them any other way. Because we are learning about money, the teams all have a money related name. When I first introduced the “money teams” they had to earn tallies for their teams individually. We

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POW! A Zeno Sight Word Game

This FREE activity takes regular, boring flashcards and turns them into a fun, competitive game. Your students won’t even realize they are learning!